Monday, June 23, 2014

Gardening Our Hearts Out...

We are having so much fun with our garden this year!  Brett is loving it...and Kris might be a tad obsessed but either way, its great!  Nothing like fresh veggies right out of the garden!
Last night I made baked squash from the squash that Kris and Brett had just picked...yummy to my tummy!  And how nice to not have to go to the grocery store for it ;)
"Hard work will always pay off, buddy!"
This was the mess of veggies they picked a few days ago!  We can't keep up with the jalapeno peppers...they are growing like crazy!!  I guess I need to check on Pinterest and find some more recipes to use them with.  We have been giving them to family and our neighbors to keep up.  We don't want them to go to waste.
"I'll sit on the bucket like a bull rider!"  
{insert here: anything can be made a saddle or a bull, right!?}
And I am not even sure what to say about this picture...he was fretting and fussing and kept trying to get out of the stroller while we were watching the boys work in the garden.  At first I thought he just wanted a change of scenery :)  Then I finally realized what he was wanting to do.  Get a hold of this!  
This picture truly breaks my heart!  You ask why?  How could he be big enough to do this?  He is growing up entirely too fast.  I love watching every minute with these two boys. But deep down it brings tears to my eyes to see how fast they are growing and changing. 
When we get to a new 'stage' I think "oh this has been the most fun."  Then something will happen in the next stage and I think "no this one is my favorite."  So I know that's how life will be with these two.  It will continue to be will continue to be "just as fun!" 
But knowing they are growing up can sometimes be hard.  Like when we 'retire' an outfit because they can't wear it any longer.  Or when Luke outgrows something that both he and Brett wore.  Ya'll...I get so sentimental.  Sometimes I ugly cry...just sayin' :)

I know one thing is for sure...I couldn't love these two more if I tried!  Even through the fits with our now toddler {few and far between but yes, they happen}  or the poops from the little man that are out of this world, or rushing in the door every evening after school to prepare something I can call 'dinner' so that I feel better about their nutritional intake or hurrying out the door in the mornings after we have had a meltdown to take every toy in the playroom in the car with's all worth it.  

I posted on IG the other day:
Sometimes being a Momma can be a tough job but then I look at my boys and remember it's the best job I'll ever have.  We have been going strong for almost a month now.  And I am tired.  But at the end of the day, I am thankful I have these boys who keep me busy ALL day long.  I can rest when I'm old but for now I'll enjoy every second with them.

So there it is... now I am done ;)  
Hope you have a good one!


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