Friday, June 20, 2014

Playing Hooky...

These two played hooky a couple of weeks ago and had the day off with their Paps and Mimi!  First stop...the library to see the Dinosaur Exhibit.
Learning about dinosaurs!  Brett's favorite part of the exhibit...the dinosaur poop :)  oh, this boy!!
She is growing too sweet and so smart!
Smiling with one of the dinosaurs :)
Next stop...lunch at Chick-Fil-A and then to the mall for rides.
Last stop...the movies to see Rio 2!  

Now I am sure you are wondering if they had fun playing hooky...well, just in case, I think they did!  Makes sense why he never wants to come home ;)


  1. So cute!!! I need to brave the library with Cole.

    1. Go for it Momma! I was worried too and the first time we went, Brett did great! Our local library has a play area so we did that first and then got a library card so we could check out books, too :) He thought that was pretty cool!